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Making Him Moan Part 1 and 2 Lacy Sky

Making Him Moan Part 1 and 2

Lacy Sky

Kindle Edition
67 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

She is alone at a conference, a strong professional woman attending the conference in the role of bring back new ideas to her company. She seeks self-satisfaction but does not find it, all she can think about is the pressure of her position and all the pressure of what is expected of her. She goes onto her balcony and falls asleep. Her Master wakes her up, ties her up and the fun begins. She enjoys her opposite role as a submissive to a Master that she loves and trusts, but he is not satisfied because she holds a part of herself back in Making Him Moan Part 1.She is already tied to a chair on the balcony of a hotel beside the ocean. She can hear the waves and feel to breeze from the ocean. She has pleased her Master once but he wants to continue the session and she is feeling tense because she is unsure of how to please him further. He knows she submits and gives him love but she holds back a part of herself and in doing so, she is not reaching the peace and deep commitment of love they can have together, so tonight he is going to push her deeper into submission and help her release her inner self completely to him. The BDSM scene is some of the best I have read and the final release is everything he has hoped for. He loves her and will protect and care for her as she gives herself to him with complete love. Dont miss both parts of Making Him Moan if you like BDSM, this one in on the money!