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Croaky Pokey! Ethan Long

Croaky Pokey!

Ethan Long

Published February 1st 2012
ISBN : 9780823424290
32 pages
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 About the Book 

For the past couple of weeks, Ive had a 13-month-old baby attending my storytimes. Shes very cute and sweet, but it does somewhat throw the groove of storytime, with the normal 6-to-8-year-olds. This week, I decided to do a storytime on the color green for St. Patricks Day (because I really didnt like most of the books available about leprechauns and the like), which lent itself well to the disparity in age, attention span, comprehension, etc. It ended up being half a storytime about frogs, because there are just so many good frog books! (Ill probably end up doing a frog storytime at some point down the line.) Anyway, The Croaky Pokey! was a great all-ages book, because it follows the hokey pokey, but instead of You do the hokey pokey and you turn it all around, thats what its all about! it says, You do the croaky pokey as flies buzz all around. Right in the froggys mouth! But the funny thing is that when the fly sticks out his tongue with a whap, he misses the fly!I told the kids that they could sit down while doing the you put your hand in, parts, because the AC was broken in the meeting room where I do my storytimes, and I didnt want to force them to jump around when we had already done three active songs. However, almost everyone stood up. Of course, this is something that you have to sing out, so youll have to make that commitment when presenting this at a storytime. But it was really fun! Any book that you can sing is usually a hit but this one in particular was a great one, and I know that it wont be the last time I use it.Ages 2-6